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The Network established by the Horris Hill Society for all past pupils to give and receive career/business advice, industry expertise and reconnect with friends from Prep School days.

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Find new customers for your business, get feedback on a new idea, connect with investors or even find a new business partner

Whether you’re just getting your career started or you're already established, leverage the power of the Horris Hill network.


Find out what old boys are doing now, get access to interesting insights and expert opinions, organise events and share experiences.


Leverage the power of the Horris Hill network

Take advantage of everything the Horris Hill network can offer you.

Learn - from others in your industry

Access - Events, insight and knowledge

Give back -  to your network

Reconnect - with old school friends

Get advice - on starting a business

Connect - with investors and potential employers

Alumnet connects you across generations

Alumnet enables alumni of Horris Hill to get ahead in their careers, get advice or just get back in touch. Look what others have been saying about Alumnet for their schools.

Guy Denison-Smith

Founder at Handy Crafty

“Alumnet is an exciting opportunity for old boys and friends of Horris Hill to connect and reconnect based around shared memories and experiences. 

It is hoped that the HH circle will provide a network for social and career benefits of HH old boys and friends."

“This is an amazing way to find contacts, insights and advice from people that you know and trust”

Rupert Watson

Founder at Lifestyle Magazine

“A great way to achieve business and personal growth by making the most of connections made at school”

Simon McGivern

Brand Manager at Studio

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